Wanderer (lair) wrote,

Official note to customers

Dear customers!

Due to increasing number of complaints we decided to suspend a unit known as Lair. It will be deactivated and put on hold until further notices.

We are apologising for any troubles caused by previous activation of this unit which has been done mostly by overestimating its potential value. We expect this mistake to be fully understood now and hope it to repeat never.

To fulfill our customers' needs we are immediatedly launching a new unit designated as Lair-II. We expect it to be more stable, user-friendly and business-oriented. We suppose there wiil be no more trouble with any kind of negative emotions or anger as the new unit is well self-controlled and balanced.

Please note that although all installations and applications made for Lair will be compatible with Lair II, its responses to some kind of activities will be different from those of Lair. We expect them to be totally inharmfull and more of that, business-oriented and positive.

We thank you for your patience and collaboration.

In case of any troubles with Lair or Lair II please contact our Support Service.

Sincerely your,
Product Development Team,
Androids Inc.
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